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Prasat Ku Ka Sing Ruins

The evidence showed that Khmer art had influenced Roi-et since 13 BE and more influenced in 16-17 BE. That was the results of political power and the administration that there were two powerful kings: Surya Varman I and Jayavarman VII. This kind of influenced phenomena were also found in other areas in Esaan and Central Thailand. There were sanctuary ruins found in Roi-et. Most of them are Thewalai (sanctuary of god) and religious sanctuary that were built following Khmer art structure. They were found in many areas of the province including in Kaset Wisai District where was influenced the most by Khmer culture compared to other areas in middle Esaan because it borders lower Esaan. The ruins found in Kaset Wisai are Thewalai and Prasat in Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism. The most important ruins in Kaset Wisai is Prasat Ku Ka Sing in Baan Ku Ka Sing, Ku Ka Sing Subdistrict, Kaset Wisai District, Roi-et.