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Attractions in Maha Sarakham

Maha Sarakham is located at the middle of Esaan. The size of the province is not big but there still have many tourist attractions in several districts. The attractions in each district are variously different.
The attractions in Muang District are

  1. Ku1 Ban Kwao
  2. Baan Nongwang Reservoir
  3. Nong Khuan Chang Handicraft Village
  4. Loeng Chan Rapids
  5. Esaan Arts and Culture Centre
  6. the Research Institute of Northeastern Art and Culture
  7. Pottery Village

Matcha Khong Kut Wai Park
The attractions in Kantarawichai District are

  1. Yuen Monkol Buddha Image (standing Buddha Image)
  2. Ming Muang Buddha Image
  3. Buddha Monkol Local Museum

The attractions in Borabue District are

  1. Prang Ku1 Buamas
  2. Bor Reservoir.

The attractions in Kae Dum District are

  1. Kae Dam Wooden Bridge
  2. Nong Hu Ling Temple
  3. Huay Ang Reservoir

The attractions in Kosum Phisai District are

  1. Bon Lake
  2. Kosamphi Park

The attractions in Wapipathum District is

  1. Ku Baan Dang

The attractions in Na Chueak District are

  1. Huay Kor Reservoir
  2. Doon Lumpan No-hunting Area

The attractions in Na Dun District are

  1. Phra That Na Dun (Na Dun Pagoda),
  2. Esaan Buddhist diocese,
  3. Nakorn Jumpasri Museum,
  4. Baan Esaan Museum,
  5. Walairukhavej Botanical Research Institute,
  6. Holy Well,
  7. Ku1 Santarat,
  8. Ku1 Noi,
  9. Nang Kao Pavilion,
  10. Hoop Tam Sim2 (temple with paintings),
  11. Photharam Temple

The attractions in Phayakkhaphum Phisai District is

  1. Donli Arts and Crafts Center (source: Maha Sarakham Provincial Public Health Office)

Note:  1. “Ku” is ancient temple ruins.
2. “Sim” is Esaan temple architectures with mural painting on the wall.