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Prasat Phu Phek Ruins


The general environment surrounding Phu Phek are the peaks of the Phu Phan mountain range, which are about 522 meters above mean sea level and the origin of the small streams, which flow to, and are combined at, the Phu Phek Reservoir about 2 kilometers north. At present, the foothills are built to be meditation places and Buddhist monasteries, and various buildings on the top of the hill near the archaeological site of Phu Phek Castle. In addition, on the top of Phu Phek, there is another stone castle on the west side of the castle about 300 meters away. The cut stone used to build Phu Phek and the shrine is also found at the summit. The villagers call this area “Cantae”, which is a story linked to the legend of Urangadhatu. In the area of Phu Phek where the stones were cut, there are traces of stone extraction using a method of extracting the stones that are about 10 centimeters wide. From observing the stone extraction site, it is understood that a metal chisel was used on the rock until it reached the required size and then the temple was built.